Privacy Policy

Data security

Virtual Yard uses industry standard HTTPS to transfer sensetive information over the internet. All data is protected with HTTPS and stored on secure servers.

Your information

Virtual Yard does not pass on your information to any third parties. We respect your privacy and will not share your information outside of our own business.

Data collection

All data collected using a Virtual Yard product for your business is and remains the property of your business for as long as your subscription fee is paid and your account is kept up to date.

How we use your data

Virtual Yard will use your data for analysis and comparison but will never disclose it's source or origin. We will use your data to further enhance services to you and other Virtual Yard customers.

Deleting your data

We will give you a backup of your data only upon request and only once you have ceased using Virtual Yard. Upon such time we will delete all of your data and send you an email informing you that your data has been deleted. We will never delete your data without your concent.


Virtual Yard is backed up daily. If there is a need to revert to a backup you will be notified via email or sms. Virtual Yard is not liable for any data lost though we always have a backup to revert to.