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Motor Dealer Software for New Zealand
Cars, trucks, caravans, boats, bikes, trailers, planes or heavy equipment.
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For every dealership.

Cars, trucks, caravans, boats, bikes, trailers, planes or heavy equipment.
It doesn't matter what type of vehicle you deal with.

It doesn't matter what size your dealership is or where your dealerships are located around the country.

Virtual Yard is affordable dealer management software that works for you
no matter how big or small your business is.

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Pure cloud.

Virtual Yard works on any web browser
so you don't need to worry about software
crashing on you or being in the office to do your work.

Login from anywhere anytime and get stuff done.

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FREE for a Limited Time.

We don't lock you into any contracts or charge any setup fees for the software.
So getting started with Virtual Yard is easy.

Step 1

Sign up here for your free 14 day trial.
No payment required.

Step 2

Use Virtual Yard for free for 14 days.
Get access to our 24/7 support to get you started.

Step 3

Contact your advertisers and tell them you're using Virtual Yard. Then we do the rest.

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Automated Stock Importing

Import stock purchased from Japanese Auctions bought using agents like Nichibo & SBL

Government Forms

Prints all required Government Forms and complies with NZTA. CINS are filled out automatically.

Automated Advertising

Your stock is sent automatically to any advertiser you like. You just tick it once and the rest it automated.

Mobile App

Check your leads or take photos of stock. Get your stock online with your advertisers asap. Install

Access Anywhere

Use Virtual Yard from any web browser just like you would Facebook or Google.

Digital Finance Applications

Virtual Yard makes Finance a breeze for customers and dealers, with easy full online application forms.

PPSR & CarJam

You can get a PPSR certificate or CarJam report quickly and easily from within Virtual Yard.

Save Time

We automatically print forms, invoices and send your ads to your advertisers.


We have built-in automated services that make Virtual Yard magical. Like built-in PPSR certificates.


Beautiful built-in dashboard and reports on every facet of your business.


We use industry standard SSL encryption and perform regular backups to protect your data.

5 Star Support

Sends us an email and get a reply within 2 hours. If it's urgent we call you straight back.

Automated Advertising.

Enter your stock once and we'll send it anywhere, instantly.

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The most advanced DMS.

Our system runs just like Google or Facebook. We are a cloud based software as a service provider, more commonly known as SaaS.

The issues of yesterday's software where systems would crash or you had to be in the office to use the software are finally over. Being a true cloud based system means you can access your software Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow.

If you're currently using a system you're not happy with we can import your stock and get you going with Virtual Yard within minutes.

Start using Virtual Yard today.

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Mobile app for your staff.

Take photos, reply to leads all at the push of a button.
Our mobile app is the most advanced DMS app there is
for New Zealand car dealers.

When deciding on a DMS check that their mobile app is what you're expecting. You'll find many DMS' don't even have an app or the app they have is pretty poor quality.

Try our photo app and get your cars advertised asap!

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Built-in ad shop.

If you need your ads to stand out then Ad Shop is for you. Edit your vehicle photos quickly and easily with our integrated ad tool. Available with any Virtual Yard subscription level, you'll be standing out in the crowd in no time.

Add borders, words, banners, stickers, other pictures and even add filters to your photos faster than ever before.

If you take your advertising seriously you're in the right place.

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Dealership websites.

We build awesome websites that work on any device.

Our websites are 100% automated so all you
need to do is buy and sell cars!

✔ Built-in Finance Application Form

✔ Show off your Google Reviews

✔ Included FREE with Virtual Yard.

View Example

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Get social with Online Marketing.

Connect your social media accounts and our Online Marketing service will automatically post your new stock to your business Facebook Pages, Facebook Shop and Google My Business pages.

✔ Your stock on your Facebook Page

✔ Your stock in your Facebook Shop

✔ Your stock on your Google My Business listing.

✔ Included FREE with Virtual Yard.

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Manage your Leads.

Virtual Yard can automatically manage your leads from anywhere. Leads come into the system and you get notified straight away via SMS.

Anyone who sends you a lead will receive an automatic SMS reply with your business details and anything else you want to tell them.

Manage, gauge and capitalise on your advertising with Virtual Yards Built-in Lead Management.

You're paying too much!

Switch to Virtual Yard today and stop paying too much for your dealership software.


We base our prices on the size of your dealership.
This gives every size dealer the opportunity to use Virtual Yard and allows us to grow with your business.

per month
  • Under $500k retail stock value
  • Dealership Website
  • Online Marketing
  • Single Dealership
  • Unlimited Users
  • No Contracts
  • No Setup Fees
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per month
  • Under $1M retail stock value
  • Dealership Website
  • Online Marketing
  • Single Dealership
  • Unlimited Users
  • No Contracts
  • No Setup Fees
Free Trial
per month
  • Over $1M retail stock value
  • Dealership Website
  • Online Marketing
  • Up to 3 Dealerships
  • Unlimited Users
  • No Contracts
  • No Setup Fees
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543 YARDS - 91%

Did you know we have 1095 people use our system from the 543 yards we service across Australia & New Zealand.
We signed up 135 new yards for 2018.
We managed $273,949,253 worth of stock last month.
See even more statistics here.


  • We started using Virtual Yard a few years ago now and it has really made running our business quick and easy. I take photos with my iPhone and within seconds they're on Virtual Yard being advertised with
  • I absolutely love Virtual Yard. It does a lot more than other systems I've worked with.
  • I was using a well known very old system and moved to Virtual Yard and can't believe how much better it is. It's easier, quicker, smarter and actually works better then my old system.

Director at Otomobile Shoppe


Director at Automobile Gallery


Director at Empire Auto Group

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