Main features

The Virtual Yard API is intended for web developers or system integrators to help automate regular tasks that a dealer using our system may need. To use the API you must have an API Key which the dealer you are building your integration for can provide you. A dealer must be on the Medium plan or above to use the API.

For testing purposes you can use this Demo API Key: GmyfPhXMsl5CBZfb3adQuXgBIFFmF0jGwTpdloJQreHCUcWYOMDitKEkpCmJ9bfbs5UCCoCNsoooMVvDuYyKgfPkq

There are many endpoints available to developers to help you integrate Virtual Yard with your project. This documentation should help you get started building something great that benefits your dealer and performs a meaningful task.

Get vehicles for sale

Provides a JSON list of vehicles for sale for the dealer.

Get a vehicle for sale

Provides a JSON response of a single vehicle that is for sale by the dealer.

Get the dealers details

Provides a JSON response witht the dealers details.

Get vehicle inspection

Provides a JSON list of a vehicles inspection report.

Post vehicle enquiry

Allows you to record an enquiry on a vehicle for the dealer to see in Virtual Yard.

Post customer deposit

Allows you to receive a deposit on a vehicle.

Post sell my car

Allows you to receive an enquiry with a vehicle attached.

Post apply finance

Allows you to receive an enquiry with a request for finance.

Post update vehicle

Allows you to update an existing vehicles details.

WordPress Plugin

Automates your WordPress website stock list.

Website API

Allows you to build a website that the dealer can manage from within Virtual Yard.

Download some source code

We've built a few examples for you to use to help get you started integrating Virtual Yard with your project. All examples are PHP based and free to use for your own or commercial purposes.

WordPress Plugin

A nice little plugin that will allow you to process a stock feed from Virtual Yard in your WordPress website. For this to work automatically you will need to ask the dealer to setup a web feed to your website. Our system will send periodic updates in csv format to your website and the plugin will automatically pick it up and process the feed.

Download WordPress Plugin

Website API

Within Virtual Yard we have an area where a dealer can manage the pages and blocks on his website. If you use this Website API your dealer will be able to make changes to their website from within Virtual Yard and the changes will be relected automatically in the website you build using this Website API.

Download Website API

Get vehicles for sale


Parameter Required Description
s optional Search term
m optional Make
o optional Order by field e.g. make or model or stockNo
b optional Begin at row e.g. 0 or 10
l optional Limit rows e.g. 10 or 100

Get a vehicle for sale


Parameter Required Description
s required Stock Number

Get dealers details


Get vehicles inspection


Parameter Required Description
s required Vehicle ID

Get vehicle enquiry


Parameter Required Description
vehicleId required Vehicle ID
fullname required Customers full name
email required Customers email address
message required Customers message
phone optional Customers phone number